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Getting Started With WhatsApp

Perquisites before you start using WhatsApp platform of MMIO

WhatsApp have over 2 Billion users worldwide. You can create marketing automation and market to your potential WhatsApp customers using MMIO.

Before we can create automation, we need to fulfill certain requirements:


  1. Mobile number not yet associated with any WhatsApp account.

    • You will use this number to register a new WhatsApp business account.

  2. WhatsApp Official API Key.

    • WhatsApp API key is only available from Facebook's official WhatsApp provider such as 360Dialog. You can get started at 5$ per month with this link.

    • You may also temporarily use Sandbox (Text API Key) if you are not yet ready to sign-up and pay for an Official WhatsApp API Key (360Dialog). You can get started using MMIO WhatsApp chatbot flow right away even without a Meta Business Account.

  3. Meta Business Account (For Production)

    • A Meta (Facebook) Business account is needed before an official WhatsApp API key can be provided by a provider such as 360Dialog. If you don't have one yet, start creating here.

    • An unverified Meta Business account have a sending limit up to 1000 customers / day. If you are ready to scale and send to more than 1000 + customers / day, then you would need to verify your Meta business account to increase the limits.