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Creating a booking chatbot

In this article, you'll learn to create a chatbot using booking feature.

  1. Go to Facebook & Instagram > Chatbot Flow Builder


  2. Create Messenger Flow > Enter Flow Name > OK


  3. Add a text element in chatbot builder > Configure message text > click on Add Button


  4. Here we need to Enter button text > Select the button type "Booking" > Select the booking event > Click Confirm Changes


    Adding a booking Confirmation Message

  5. Add a text element > Enter a thank you confirmation message and connect the node socket with the booking button


    Utilizing booking custom variables in Confirmation Message

  6. Click on the text message element to edit the confirmation Message

  7. Enter the general message and include custom variables by clicking on the Custom option at the top.

  8. Select the required custom variable for your message and click confirm.


    Adding a keyword trigger for booking via chatbot

  9. Add a trigger element by right-clicking on the interface

  10. Click on trigger element > Choose trigger type > Enter keyword select match type and click OK


  11. Connect the node socket with the text element and Save the flow


We have successfully created a booking chatbot flow. Now it's time to test it.

Booking an event through the messenger chatbot flow

  1. Go to messenger and send the trigger keyword


  2. You can see the booking screen and confirmation message in the above gif.