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Chatbot Flow: UserInput

How to use the UserInput element:

Steps using Chatbot Flow


  1. Please Right Click on the interface > select Text and connect the node socket.

  2. Add Message within the Text element and add quick replies to initiate the UserInput element.


  3. Right Click on the interface > select UserInput element

  4. Configure UserInput: Click on the UserInput element

    • Select Custom Variable: You can select an existing custom variable from dropdown options and click Confirm Changes.


    • Create New Custom Variable: Click on the toggle button > Enter Custom Variable Name

    • Dynamic or Pre-defined Data: Select Dynamic if you want users to enter their preferred input. If you have any pre-defined data, users will be able to pick from that.

    • Enable Google Sheet: You can enable it and select google sheet to keep the user input data.


    • Click on Confirm Changes button

  5. Connect socket nodes as per the flow.


  6. Congrats, your UserInput element is configured successfully.