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What is GMB Livechat and How it works?

In this article, you'll learn how to use GMB Livechat.

GMB Livechat allows you to manage your GMB message conversations through a single dashboard.

You can also send Files, Images, and videos through MMIO GMB Livechat.

In GMB Livechat, we also provide Chatbot Flow Integration to reduce human efforts. You can create Chatbot Flow for all general queries and initiate the flow when someone has similar queries.

Let's get started with LiveChat

Prerequisite: You must have an Agent launched in order to use livechat. Also, Make sure that you have enabled Messaging option in Google My Business.

  1. Select Google My Business on the Navigation Pane and click on Live Chat


  2. Select your GMB Agent > Now you can see the chat window right below


  3. In the chatbox, You can select any chat and start the conversation

  4. You can send files/images/videos by clicking on the attachment button.

Using the Bot persona for Livechat

  1. Select the chat and click on the Tools button at the right corner


  2. Select your chatbot flow and then select the flow message


  3. Once you click OK, the flow will be triggered automatically and the message will be sent.

Pause and Resume Chatbot keywords for subscriber

You can pause or resume Chatbot flow for any individual user. All you need to follow the steps below:

  1. Select the chat > Click on the user's profile picture


  2. You can see two buttons to Pause or Resume Bot. Press the Pause button to Pause the Bot for the individual user

  3. You can repeat the same steps to resume the bot

Adding or removing a contact tag

Contact tag or subscriber tag is very useful to identify and segment your subscribers based on their behaviors.

Prerequisite: You must have Tag created within Contact Tags Section.

  1. Select the chat > Click on the user's profile picture

  2. Go to Subscriber Tag/Label > Select the Tag


  3. It'll be saved automatically

  4. You can repeat the same steps to remove the tag