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Chatbot Flow: Triggers

In this guide, you'll learn how to configure chatbot flow triggers.

MMIO allows you to create automated chat flow using a powerful chatbot flow builder.

We have the option to set up flows with specific scenarios and triggers so that our bots answer customers’ questions according to an in advance specified scenario.

Triggers are subscribers' actions or keywords sent in their messages.

MMIO has the following triggers:

  • Get Started: such a trigger launches a flow in a set period after a customer subscribes to the chatbot.

  • Keywords: such a trigger launches a flow after receiving a message with a specific keyword from a subscriber.

How to add triggers in Chatbot Flow?

  1. Please Right Click on the interface, select Triggers

  2. Select Trigger type: Get Started or Keyword based

  3. If you select "Get Started" then it doesn’t require configuration.

  4. If you select "Keyword" then you need to configure it.

  5. You can add one or more keyword triggers (E.g., Camping, Backpack)

  6. Select a Matchtype and Save it.


  7. Now, you need to connect your trigger with the element.

  8. Select the Node Socket in the trigger and connect with the relevant element.


Congratulations, You have successfully created a Chatbot flow and configured a trigger.