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Creating, Verifying and Launching Location

In this article, we'll learn about location entry point.

The purpose of the location is to show your Google Message chat widget on Google Maps.

By default, your business's GMB widget only appears on Google search after your agent is launched. But the widget won't show up on google maps for your business unless you create a location and launch it.

The location must be the same location as the Google My Business profile you registered on your agent and brand.

Let's create a location and then we'll verify and launch it.

  1. Click Google My Business on the Navigation Pane and Select Locations


  2. Select Your GMB Agent > Click on the Create GMB Location button


  3. Search your location in the Google Map > click on Submit and click on Confirm button


  4. Now you'll need to verify the location. Click on Verify button under the actions column at the left.

  5. Your location verification request is under review. It may take up to 72 hours to verify. You can check the verification status under the Status column.


  6. If your location status is verified then you can proceed and launch your location. Click on Launch and press OK