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How does an omnichannel chatbot flow work?

In this article, you'll understand the working process of omnichannel chatbot flow.

What is an omnichannel chatbot flow?

An omnichannel chatbot flow typically works by using a central bot management platform that connects to various channels, such as Messenger, Instagram, Whatsapp, and GMB Messages.

The chatbot is designed to provide a consistent and seamless experience for customers, regardless of the channel they are using to interact with the bot.

Omnichannel includes 3 types of blocks:

  1. Common Messages: It can be connected to all types of blocks.

  2. Channel Specific Messages: It can only be connected to specific channel where it was defined.

  3. Omnichannel Utility Blocks: It can be connected to common messages and other omnichannel utility blocks.


Sample Omnichannel Chatbot Flow

Here I have created a sample omnichannel flow to understand the flow:


As you can see in the flow, I have selected a Common Message element and a Messenger element (Channel Specific).


The channel-specific block cannot be connected with a common message block and it requires a channel splitter.


Channel Splitter: It is an omnichannel utility and helps you to connect different types of messages across different channels.

Channel Converger: It is also an omnichannel utility and helps converge channel-specific messages to a common thread.


Creating an omnichannel flow?