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Setting up Post Randomizer: Automatic Posting to Facebook Pages and Groups

In this article, you'll learn about Post Randomizer and it's configuration in MMIO.

What is Post Randomizer?

MMIO Post Randomizer enables automatic posting to Facebook Pages and Groups according to preset rules and schedules.

Setting up Post Randomizer

Prerequisites: You must have all your contents available on a Google Drive folder and shared with MMIO.

  1. Click Facebook & Instagram on the Navigation Pane and Select Post Randomizer

  2. As mentioned above, You need to upload all contents on a Google Drive folder and share with MMIO.

    Let's divide the setup into 2 parts: Google Drive Data Soruces and Post Randomizer Campaign

    Importing Google Drive Data Sources

  3. Click on Google Drive Data Sources > Add New Google Drive Source

  4. Next, you'll need to Enter a source name

  5. Go to your Google Drive Folder and Grant Editor Access to

  6. Now, Enter your Google Drive Folder URL

  7. Your Media Source Has Been Successfully Imported!

    Creating a post randomizer campaign

  8. Go to My Campaigns > Add New Campaign

  9. Select Campaign Media Source (Google Drive Folder that you have imported)

  10. Now you can see the Images or Other Media that you had uploaded to the Google Drive folder and Settings section at right.


    1. Media Section: All imported media are visible on the dashboard. You can write text captions in the input area right above the media preview.

      If required, you can exclude or delete posts from the campaign. All you need to hit the exclude/delete button at the bottom.

    2. Settings Section: You can manage post rules such as posting frequency, timezone, publish time, pages, Instagram, FB groups, start date, and end date.


      Protip: You can select mulitple Fb Pages, Instagram, Fb Groups and publish to mutiple pages from a single campaign.

  11. Once you enter the post captions and post settings, You can Save it. Your First Post Randomizer campaign is now live!


    Note: You can toggle the switch to enable/disable the campaign.

Enabling Posting To Groups:

Your groups must give access to the Marketing Master App in its settings.

 To do this, go to your Manage GroupGroup SettingsApps image.png

then click "Add Apps"


Then search for “Marketing Master” → and click "Marketing Master" icon


Click "Add"