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How to use the Facebook ads Hidden Interest Targetting finder

In this article, you'll learn how to find hidden interests in Facebook Ad Manager.

Facebook ads are an excellent way of getting your product to show up in front of 2 billion Facebook users.

But not all people who exist on the internet care about what you're selling! Facebook's ad targeting lets you filter down the world so that only interested people will see your advert. This means less wasted money on advertisers.

What is Facebook Interest Finder?

When you create Facebook ad campaigns and when you use interest targeting in ad set level, facebook only suggests limited similar results.

Facebook Interest Finder is a tool that searches hidden interests that are available on Facebook. Anyone can use these hidden interests to improve ad targeting and overall performance.

Finding Hidden Interests

  1. Click Facebook & Instagram on the Navigation Pane and Select Interest Finder


  2. Enter your Interest in the input box and press the Search button


  3. You can see the search results below. It includes Interest, Audience size, Path, and Category.


  4. You can select the Interests and Export in Xlsx, CSV, and TXT format.


  5. You can also copy the interests and paste them to Facebook Ads Manager.


  6. See sample copy and past to FB ads manager below: