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Creating a Comment Auto Reply for Instagram

Prerequisites: Make sure you have enabled the Bot when your import the account.

  1. Click Facebook & Instagram on the Navigation Pane and Select Comment Auto Reply


  2. In the Comment Auto Reply page, you can see the Two Tabs (Facebook Pages and Instagram Business) and the pages you have imported.

    Note: You won't see your page if you haven’t enabled the Bot when you import the account.

  3. Click on Instagram Business Tab > Create New Comment Auto Reply


  4. Select the post to configure Auto Reply

  5. Now, you can create an auto-reply for the selected post and configure it as per your preference.


    1. Auto Reply Name: You can name your auto-replies for your reference. It won't be visible publicly.

    2. Generic or Keyword-Based Reply: As the name suggests, you can use any as per your requirement.

      We recommend using Keyword Based Auto-Reply for the better social experience.

    3. Generic Comment: Please enter the generic comment for auto-reply.

    4. Instagram Flow: You can build Instagram Chatbot Flow and use it within Auto Reply.

    5. Confirm: You can confirm the changes to Save it.

  6. Your Auto-Reply is done and Published Successfully.

How to Disable Comment Auto-Reply?

  1. Please go to Comments Auto Reply Dashboard

  2. You can see many buttons at the bottom of your post.

  3. Please click the Disable button to unpublish the Auto-Reply.