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What is a Sender ID and how to request for it?

In this article, you'll learn about Sender ID and how you can request for it.

A Sender ID (from address) is the name or number that identifies the sender of an SMS message.

When a message is delivered to a mobile phone, the recipient may see any one of the following from address formats. This will indicate who the message came from.

  • They could see an international number such as +123456780

  • They could see a local number

  • They could see a short code (a short number, usually five or six digits only)

  • They could see an alphanumeric originator such as “Message”

Creating a Sender ID in MMIO

  1. Go to SMS Marketing > My Sender IDs


  2. Click on "Create New Sender ID" > Enter Sender ID Name > Submit

    The Sender ID field may only contain alpha-numeric characters

  3. It's done, Now wait for the admin approval.


It may take up to 24 hours for approval. You can reach out to support for faster approval.