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Subscribers: View and Manage Subscribers in MMIO

Subscribers are the users who have engaged and started private conversations with you via Facebook/Instagram Chats. You can view subscribers' analytics and their basic details in MMIO.

View Subscribers Analytics Report

  1. Click Facebook & Instagram on the Navigation Pane and Select Subscribers


  2. Select your Facebook or Instagram Page


  3. Now you can see the graphs and subscribers cards. You can also see the trends with the help of graphs and plan activities to increase subscribers.


How to use filtered view?

You can also see all the subscribers individually and filter them as per your preference.

  1. Go to the Subscribers List tab

  2. Now, you can see the subscribers individually.


  3. Click on the Filter Subscribers button


  4. Now you can create your Filter rule to segment the subscribers


  5. Your Filtered list has been generated. You can have a look or download the list


Using Bulk Actions

You can use bulk actions to perform some predefined actions for many subscribers.

MMIO Subscribers Bulk Actions includes:

  • Delete Subscribers

  • Add A Tag

  • Remove A Tag

  • Add To Chat Sequence

  • Remove From Chat Sequence

Let's try "Add A Tag" bulk action

Prerequisite: You must have Tag created within Contact Tags Section.

  1. Select subscribers > Click on the Bulk Actions button

  2. Select "Add A Tag" action > Select the Tag > Click Apply


  3. Congrats, Your Bulk Actions have successfully been completed.

Export/Download Subscribers (CSV)

  1. Go to the Subscribers List tab

  2. Filter subscribers if required > Click Export Subscribers to CSV Button


  3. Enter a Filename and press OK

  4. Your export process has started


  5. Now, click on Downloadable CSVs and download the exported file.