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Configuring and Launching Persistent Menus

In this article, you'll learn how to configure Persistent Menu.

Messenger's persistent menu is a feature that allows you to have an always-on user interface element inside conversations.

This is how you can help people discover and access the core functionality of your Messenger bot at any point in the conversation.


Let's Configure a Persistent Menu

  1. Click Facebook & Instagram on the Navigation Pane and select Persistent Menu


  2. Select Your Page


  3. Use the Select a Language list to choose the messenger language.

  4. To prevent users from typing messages on the messenger, enable the Do Not Allow User To Type Message? option.

  5. Select the Messenger menus to configure the flows that you have created or redirect users to a website. You can add multiple sub-menus as per your requirements.


  6. Click Launch Menu to activate the persistent menu on your messenger.

    Protip: You can add your messenger webview form in persitent menu.