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Livestream: How to stream from your video to Facebook Live

In this article, you'll learn to set up Facebook Livestream

The world of live video streaming is becoming increasingly popular. In fact, many companies are using it to overcome physical limitations and help improve their marketing and operations.

We all remember when people would use webcams to chat with others or engage on social media. Well, times have changed! More and more small businesses, startups, and enterprise companies are turning towards this new form of communication as an effective way to reach out directly through platforms like Facebook Live.

Which offers interactive ways for audiences, around the globe to connect with brands.

Benefits of Facebook Live for Business

  • Access to the world’s largest online audiences through a platform they already use every day.

  • Unique features for audience engagement, such as real-time commenting and Live Reactions that allow hosts and viewers to interact.

  • A flexible platform for either internal or external business use.

  • Built-in analytics capabilities to track video performance.

  • The ability to boost live videos as paid ads to reach even more viewers. (Only available to few)

Setting up a Livestream

Prerequisites: You must have your pre-rocorded videos available on a Google Drive folder and shared with MMIO.

  1. Click Facebook & Instagram on the Navigation Pane and Select Livestream


  2. As mentioned above, You need to upload videos on a Google Drive folder and share with MMIO.

    Let's divide the setup into 3 parts: Google Drive Data Sources, Import Video from Media Source and Create New Livestream

    Importing Google Drive Data Sources

  3. Click on Google Drive Data Sources > Create New Media Source


  4. Next, you'll need to Enter a source name

  5. Go to your Google Drive Folder and Grant Editor Access to

  6. Enter your Google Drive Folder URL


  7. Your Media Source Has Been Successfully Imported!


    Import Video from Media Source

  8. Go to Imported Videos Tab and Click Import New Video


  9. Select the Media Source Folder > Select Video and press OK


    Create New Livestream

  10. Go to the My Streams tab and click on Create New Livestream


  11. In the next step, Enter a Stream Name and Select the Video


  12. Select the Stream Destination where you want to stream the video. You can live stream to personal Facebook profiles, Facebook Business Pages, and Facebook Groups through MMIO Livestream.


    Protip: You can livestream to multiple facebook pages at the same time.

  13. Define Title and Description for Facebook Post

  14. Select the Publishing time (You can also schedule it by selecting Later) and Click Next

  15. Now, the streaming is getting ready and you may see Pending in status and it'll Live in a few seconds.


  16. Congratulations, Your video is now LIVE 🥳


    Using Custom streams

You can Livestream your video to any destination which accepts RTMP. All you need is RTMP server URL and Stream Key.

  1. Go to the Custom Streams tab and click on Create New Custom Stream


  2. Enter Stream Name > Enter Stream Server URL and Enter Stream Key and Press Submit


Protip: Facebook also provides custom RTMP options to livestream.

Enabling Livestreaming To Groups:

Your groups must give access to the Marketing Master App in its settings.

 To do this, go to your Manage GroupGroup SettingsApps image.png

then click "Add Apps"


Then search for “Marketing Master” → and click "Marketing Master" icon


Click "Add"