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Whitelabel Owner's Guide

Step-bys-tep guide how to set-up and launch your MMIO whitelabel.


  1. Requirements

  2. White-label Settings

  3. Creating Client/Accounts

  4. Access Levels

  5. Client Support Tickets


You need to domains to fully configure your Whitelabel settings

  1. Domain to be used for your MMIO Whitelabel App

    • This can be a Sub-domain or a Main domain.

  2. Domain used for your Ecommerce Whitelabel

    • This cannot be a subdomain. It must only be a top-level domain.

    • The Ecommerce domain is used to brand your client’s eCommerce stores. For example, instead of “” you can turn it to “

    • The reason why it must be a top-level domain is so that the system can automatically grant an SSL certificate to your whitelabel MMIO stores.

  3. Cloudflare Account

    • Here's a video how to connect your domain to your Cloudflare account.

Whitelabel Settings (MAIN APP):

Navigate to the Whitelabel settings dashboard: Go to Admin -> Whitelabel Settings

To set-up your Whitelabel domain, you must first point its CNAME to our server “

Set-up Cloudflare DNS using these settings:







Set Cloudflare SSL Encryption mode to "FULL":


Ecommerce Domain Whitelabel:

Same with the Whitelabel main app configuration, you also need to point your domain to our server but this time, you need to point it to “

There is also no need to input a TXT DNS setting.

These are the options for how to configure your domain’s DNS.


1. Cloudflare using these settings:








Please take note of the DNS Propagation.

Your domain’s new DNS settings need to be updated first worldwide. This means that your domain might not yet point to our server immediately. This will take time. Give about 4 to 48 hours for your DNS to fully propagate worldwide.

You can monitor your DNS propagation status by using tools like DNS Checker - DNS Check Propagation Tool

Once you have fully configured your DNS settings and it’s now pointing to our servers, you can now proceed with the Whitelabel set-up.

Add your main app domain under Brand settings:


Add your main app domain under Brand settings:


When everything is fully configured, click SAVE WHITELABEL SETTINGS button.


After saving your Whitelabel settings, you can then verify your domain:


Once verified, you should now be able to access your Whitelabel domain.

(Hooraay! 👏‍👏‍👏‍)


SSL Provision:

Cloudflare will be providing your SSL for your Whitelabel MMIO App.

For your Ecommerce Whitelabel - you can either buy a Wildcard SSL or we can provide your Wildcard SSL for free but is only valid for 3 months using Let's Encrypt.

For the later option, please note that the said process is not automatic. We need to add SSL manually. Kindly coordinate with the support team using support tickets for SSL provision to all your domains and Ecom V2 subdomains.

⚠️ Branding Disclaimer:

We advise that before you avail our Whitelabel offer, please read first our branding disclaimer below: