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Viewing Ecom Report

Understanding Your Store With Ecom Report

MMIO’s ecom report gives you a holistic view of your products and conversion funnel. 

Viewing Ecom Report

  1. Go to Ecommerce > Ecom Reports


  2. Select the store you want to create report for.


It is important to look at your ecom report on a regular basis to monitor your store’s performance across all sales channels.

You’ll get an overview of: 

  • Traffic

  • Orders 

  • Delivery events

  • Sales

  • Conversion percentage

  • Total purchase value

Navigating Store Events Over Time Widget

It’s also helpful to compare timeframes and forecast future business growth. You can view the last 30 days of the reports and compare them to the same month of the previous year on the Store Event Over Time widget.

  • Click on the plus icon to zoom into a narrower timeframe (e.g from daily events to hourly events)


  • Click on the minus icon to zoom out to a wider timeframe (e.g from daily to weekly to monthly events)


  • Select the magnifying glass icon and highlight a range in the widget. This will zoom into your chosen timeframe


  • Click on the home icon to reset your widget view


  • Select the 3 lines to open your report download options. You can download your report as a SVC, PNG, or CSV format file.