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Creating an omnichannel flow

In this article, you'll learn to use omnichannel flow builder and create your first omnichannel flow.

What is an omnichannel chatbot flow?

How does an omnichannel chatbot flow work?

  1. Go to Navigation Pane > Click Omni-channel > Flows


  2. Click on Create Omni-channel flow


  3. Enter Flow Name and Click OK

  4. Now you can see Omni-channel flow builder. Let's create your first omnichannel flow:


    1. Chatbot Component / Elements: You get many compositions to make your ChatBot rich and interactive. It includes Text, Images, Video, Audio, user input, Action, Trigger, Utility components, channel specific elements, and many more.

      Right Click on the interface to add components.

    2. Node Socket: The small circle (we call it "node socket") is used to connect message flows.

    Adding Components

  5. Add a Text component: Right-click on the flow builder and select the "Text" component and connect the node socket.


    1. You can rename the text if needed

    2. Typing Delay: You can add a typing delay if required.

    3. Message: Click on the message area and enter a message. You can also use Variables and Emojis.


      You can also Auto Generate messages through the AI option.

  6. Now, Let's create the Next Step for the above messages.

  7. Right-click on the interface, and Add a Messenger Text and Instagram element > customize messages for both channels.


  8. Try connecting the common message with messenger and it'll show an error: "You're trying to connect Omnichannel-Utility thread with Messenger thread." The common message is acting as an omnichannel utility and it cannot be connected without a Channel Splitter.

  9. Add a Channel Splitter and Connect: A channel splitter is required when connecting omnichannel-utility with channel-specific thread.


  10. Add a Channel Converger: It's required to converge channel-specific messages to a common thread.


  11. Now, let's add a common message to check the cross-channel connection.


  12. Trigger: We have created a basic omnichannel flow. Let's add a trigger to the flow.

  13. Right-click on the interface > add Trigger and > Configure trigger with keywords and save the flow.

  14. Your first omnichannel chatbot flow is ready 🎉


Testing an omnichannel flow across different channels