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Email Flow Elements: HTML/Plain Text Email, Condition, Action and Delay

In this article you'll learn about email flow elements and how to use them.

MMIO Email Flow has the following five elements:

  1. HTML Email

  2. Plain Text Email

  3. Condition

  4. Action

  5. Delay

HTML vs Plain Text Email: an overview

Let's begin by looking at the distinctions between plain text and HTML emails. An HTML email may have design layouts, multiple columns, pictures and colours, while a plain text email has no pictures, no graphics, and no formatting.

Here is an example plain text email:


And here is an example HTML email:


Let's add a Plain Text Element to Email Flow Builder:

  1. Go to Email Flow Builder > Right-Click on the flow builder > Select Plain Text Element


  2. Click on the email > Add email subject > From Name and Email > Write Email Copy


  3. Click on Confirm Changes

  4. You can add an HTML element using similar steps.

Condition Element

Conditionals elements are used to display specific information about a customer based on a set of variables.

  1. Add a conditional element in the flow builder


  2. Click on Add Condition > Select condition Type and Criteria > Click Add Condition > Click Confirm Changes


  3. The condition has been added and you are ready to configure a condition-based email flow


Action Element

Email action elements can be used to perform any action based on the email behavior.

You can do the following 3 actions in MMIO Email:

  • Modify Contact Tag/Label

  • Modify Contact Book

  • Modify Email Sequence

  1. Add an Action element in the flow builder


  2. Click on Add Action > Select action Type > Click Add action > Set Command and Value > Click Confirm Changes


Delay Element

You can use delay elements to add a delay between your email flows.

  1. Add a Delay element in the flow builder


  2. Click on the Delay element > set delay duration and click on Confirm Changes


    MMIO has 5 dealys units: Minutes, Hours, Days, Weeks and Months

  3. You're delay element is ready.

Example Flow: