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Chatbot Flow: Action element

How to use the Action element:

Steps to create Action element in Chatbot Flow:

Action elements are one of the very useful elements in chatbot flow. It is

used to trigger a set of predefined actions within the chatbot flow. It basically helps you automate your actions based on users' responses.

For example, You can initiate an email sequence, SMS sequence, or modify custom variables based on users' responses.

This is just an example. There are tons of uses cases of the action element.

Now let's add an action element:

  1. Please Right Click on the interface > select Action element

  2. Click Add action to configure


  3. You can see many types of actions in the selection bar. You can select your preferred action and click Add Action


  4. Here I want to tag the user based on his inputs.


    Protip: You can also select multiple actions.

  5. Click on Confirm Changes and connect node sockets with the relevant element.