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Creating WhatsApp QR codes and short links

In this article, you'll learn about WhatsApp QR codes and short links.

WhatsApp QR

WhatsApp Business QR codes are an easy way for customers to discover and reach out to your business. Existing and new customers can send you messages by scanning your business account’s QR code.

WhatsApp Short Links

It enables you to share a short link with customers so they can start a chat with you directly.

If a customer opens the short link on a device that has WhatsApp installed on it, it automatically opens a secure chat between the two of you.

Protip: You can create a pre-populated message that customers can quickly edit and send once they open your short link.

Prefilled Message

Prefilled messages makes it easier for customers to reach out to your business with common questions or inquiries. These messages are fully customisable and can be updated or deleted at any time.

Creating a WhatsApp QR and Short Links

  1. Go to WhatsApp > Flows


  2. Click on Create WhatsApp Flow > Enter Flow Name and press OK

  3. Add a WhatsApp Text element on the flow builder and customize the message


  4. Connect node socket and Save the flow

  5. Click the QR Icon at the top of text element


  6. The QR Code will be generated immediately.


  7. Short Links: Click the Anchor Icon to copy the short link.


  8. When a user visits the shortlink, they'll be redirected to WhatsApp and prefilled message will be populated.

  9. Visit short link or QR: You'll redirected to WhatsApp and you'll see a prefilled message.


  10. Send the prefilled message to trigger your chat flow.


  11. Keyword-based trigger: Let's add a trigger to the flow and save


    I have set the trigger keyword "I need help"

  12. Customize the Short Link with Prefilled Message

    1. Copy the short link and paste it into notepad:

    2. Replace the bot payload ID with the Trigger keywordimage.png

    3. Your prefilled message link: need help

  13. Test prefilled message link: Just copy the link and search on your browser


Congrats, you have successfully generated a WhatsApp QR code and Short link.