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Creating & Editing Your MMIO Store

A Step-by-Step Guide To Setting Up Your MMIO Ecommerce Store

Starting an e-commerce store has never been easier. You no longer have to worry about coding a super-fast optimised web store. With MMIO, you can get your store up and running within the next hour!

In this article, you will learn the following:

  • Creating you store

  • Editing your store

  • FB & Messenger Marketing Setup

  • SEO Settings

  • Custom Domain Setting

  • Payment Setting

Creating Your Store

  1. Go to Ecommerce > Create/Edit Store


You will be able to choose between creating your store from scratch or use one of our converting theme templates.


If you're new to web design, we recommend starting with one of our templates. You will have a fast and optimized professional store in no time. Plus, all themes are fully customizable for you to brand them as your own.

We have 7 templates for you to choose from and we’ll be adding more as time goes on.

  • Resto Cafe

  • Chef Food

  • Chucks Burger

  • The Chef's Cake Store

  • Beauty Products Theme Online Shop

  • BlueWow - Tech Accessories and Gadgets

  • Living Souls - Furniture Template Online Store

To choose a theme,

  1. Click Create Store


  2. Select Use Theme


  3. Preview any themes to see how it looks like


  4. Click Use Theme


  5. Click OK to confirm


  6. Select sections you want to replicate from theme


  7. Click Finalize

Once you’ve chosen a theme, it’s time to set up the nitty gritty store details.

Editing Your Store

No two stores are the same. With MMIO ecommerce store edit, you can change all the information to match your store's branding - from Store Name and URL to Logo and Favicon.

In your ecommerce store, select Edit Store


You will be able to change the following:

  1. Store Name


  2. Store Alias ( subdomain)


  3. Store Address and Contact Details


  4. Upload Store Logo and Favicon


  5. Link FB & Messenger Marketing. Learn how to set up FB/Messenger Marketing.


  6. Enter SEO Settings. 


  7. Configure Custom Domain Settings. Learn to set up custom domain here.


  8. Click Next

  9. Configure Payment Setting

    1. Choose your store currency from the drop-down menu


    2. Select all the applicable payment methods you accept.


      Note: MMIO accepts 7 payment methods such as Cash on Delivery, Manual Payment, Paypal, Stripe, Paymongo, Gkash Malaysia and RazorPay.

    3. You can also customize your call-to-action (CTA) buttons


  10. Once you are ready, click save.


Congratulations! Your store is successfully created.

You can now create store pages, add products, categories and shipping methods in order to get your store ready for launch.