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How to Set Up Auto-Reply to Users Comment on Facebook and Instagram

In this article, you'll learn how to setup comment auto-reply to your posts.

If you are a social media manager or a marketer and you find yourself overwhelmed with the number of comments on your Facebook posts, ad posts, and Instagram posts.

In this post, we'll explain what are automated replies for Facebook comments and how you can enable them to your social media pages.

What is Comment Auto-Reply?

We understand that you may not always have the time to manage Facebook comments, especially when they are so many. But for all its worth, Facebook comments can be a valuable source of customer feedback or even potential sales leads- which is why it is crucial to acknowledge and follow up on most of them.

Protip: You must enable auto-replies for General inquiries such as pricing, availability, store address, contact details, discounts, etc.

Creating a Comment Auto Reply for Facebook

Prerequisites: Make sure you have enabled the Bot when your import the account.

  1. Click Facebook & Instagram on the Navigation Pane and Select Comment Auto Reply


  2. In the Comment Auto Reply page, you can see the Two Tabs (Facebook Pages and Instagram Business) and the pages you have imported.

    Note: You won't see your page if you haven’t enabled the Bot when you import the account.


  3. Now Select a page and proceed to create a comment auto-reply

  4. Click on Create New Comment Auto Reply button

  5. Now It'll ask you to Enter Post Id


    1. Public Posts: You can enable it and select any of your public posts which is available on the page.

    1. Post Id: You'll need to enter Post Id when you want to enable Comment Auto Reply for Ads or other posts which are not public.

  6. Now, you can create an auto-reply for the selected post as per your requirement. You'll get many interesting features such as Auto Like, 1 Comment per user, Generic or Keyword-Based Reply, Private Reply Message, Photo/Video Comments, and Auto-Delete Offensive comments.



    1. Auto Reply Name: You can name your auto-replies for your reference. It won't be visible publicly.

    2. Auto Like: If enabled, all the comments will be liked automatically.

      Protip: Only use Auto Like when you have enabled "Delete Offensive Comment" Or Use Auto Like with Keyword-Based Replies.

    3. 1 Comment Per User: If you want, you can only allow a single comment per user in a post.

    4. Generic or Keyword-Based Reply: As the name suggests, you can use any as per your preference.

      We recommend using Keyword Based Auto-Reply for the better social experience.

    5. Second Level Comment Reply: You can enable this if you want a second level auto-reply.

    6. Generic Comment: Please enter the generic comment for auto-reply.

      Protip: You can tag the user and use first name, last name variables in the comments.

    7. Private Reply Message: You can reply privately through Messenger chatbot flow.

    8. Photo/Video Attachment: You can include photo/video in your auto-replies.

    9. Offensive Comments: You can track offensive words in the comments and message privately or delete the negative comments automatically.

    10. Private Message: You Can Create a Chatbot Flow for negative/offensive comments and send it privately with Comment Auto-Reply.

    11. Confirm: You can confirm the changes to Save it.

  7. Your Auto-Reply is done, Let's Publish it.

Congratulations, Your First Comment Auto Reply has been published successfully!

How to Disable Comment Auto-Reply?

  1. Please go to Comments Auto Reply Dashboard

  2. You can see many buttons at the bottom of your post.

  3. Please click the Disable button to unpublish the Auto-Reply.