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How to create and use the Link growth tool?

In this article, you'll learn to configure Link growth tool. is a shortened URL service that redirects people to a person, page, or conversation in messenger. It can be used on your website, email newsletter, and more!

Getting started with Link

  1. Click Facebook & Instagram on the Navigation Pane and Select Growth Tools


  2. Select your Facebook or Instagram Page


  3. Click on Add New Growth Tool > Messenger Link (

  4. Enter Name and Select Chatbot Flow and other details

    In case of any doubts, Please follow the table below:



    Enter Your Growth Tool Name

    Provide a name for your tool.

    Messenger Confirmation Message

    Select the messenger flow to use. You can also create a new flow or edit an existing flow, here.


    Provide the unique reference for processing the growth tool by Facebook bots. It also serves as an ID, that you can use for tracking later.

    Select Label

    Select the label to be applied to the users from this conversation.

    Add Button

    Select this option to add a button to the plugin.

    Button Text

    Enter the text to be displayed as the button name.

    Button Size

    Select the size of the button from Small, Medium, Large, or Extra Large.

  5. Click Next > You'll get an embed code and a QR code.


  6. Copy Embed Code to use on your website, email newsletter, or anywhere else.

  7. Click on Finish to save your changes.