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The Email Builder Structure Explained

You don't need to spend hours with designers just to build emails. MMIO uses an easy drag and drops Email Builder.

You can customize every aspect of the email using our email editor.

You can create and select multiple email templates, adjust the content, add pictures, and link to files using a drag-n-drop email builder. Furthermore, you may change the structure and appearance of the template. Once you select a template, you may edit the content in the editor.

Customizing an email to suit the audience and brand using a rich template selection is possible with email builders.

Email Builder Preview:


Tools: Email Builder

The editor includes the following tools:

  • Columns: It allows you to add columns to your design in order to have a better design arrangement.

  • Button: Add any type of button in your email. You can change colors and styles.

  • Divider: It gives your users appropriate spacing at any point they want in their design.

  • Heading: Add headings (from level 1-6) to the design.

  • HTML : This tool will give you room to add custom HTML to the design.

  • Image: To make your emails attractive, you can add images using this tool.

  • Menu: Menu is a built-in tool used to create navigation menus.

  • Text: Text is a built-in tool so users can add text to their designs.