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How to create and use Checkbox Plugin growth tool?

In this article, you'll learn to configure and install Checkbox Plugin.

The Checkbox plugin allows you to display a check box on your website that will allow users to opt-in and receive messages from your bot in Messenger. If they are currently logged into Facebook, their profile photo and name will be displayed next to the checkbox below it; If the person is not logged in to Facebook or wants to log in as a different user, they can authenticate.

For example, you could add the plugin on your eCommerce website, where you want to send receipts and order updates to the user.

Getting started with Checkbox Plugin

  1. Click Facebook & Instagram on the Navigation Pane and Select Growth Tools


  2. Select your Facebook or Instagram Page


  3. Click on Add New Growth Tool > Check-box Plugin


  4. Enter Name and Select Chatbot Flow > Enter Website URL and other details

    In case of any doubts, Please follow the table below:



    Enter Your Growth Tool Name

    Provide a name for your tool.

    Messenger Confirmation Message

    Select the messenger flow to use. You can also create a new flow or edit an existing flow, here.

    Enter Domain Where You Will Use This Growth Tool

    Enter a valid domain in the format. This will help in whitelisting the domain name.


    Provide the unique reference for processing the growth tool by Facebook bots. It also serves as an ID, that you can use for tracking later.

    Select Label

    Select the label to be applied to the users from this conversation.

    Select language

    Select the language to be used for the checkbox.

    Plugin Skin

    Select the theme for the plugin from Dark or Light.

    Center Align

    Enable this to align the plugin in the center of the messenger.

    Plugin Size

    Select the display size of the plug-in from Small, Medium, Large, or Extra Large.

    Redirect To Website After Submit?

    Select this option to redirect the user to a website after they submit the form.

    Enter Website

    Enter the website for redirecting the user in the format.

    Enter Your Checkbox Validation Error Message

    Define a message to be displayed in case of an error.

  5. Click Next > Copy Embed Code to use on your website.


  6. Your checkbox plugin is now live 🥳

Note: You can edit or delete the check-box from Growth Tools Page.