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How To Embed MMIO Webchat Widget

Step 1: Navigate to the Web Chat Widget settings

Start by going to in your web browser. This will bring you to the page where you can manage your Web Chat Widget.

Step 1: Copy Scri

Step 2: Copy the Widget Script

Find the provided widget script, which is a block of code that you'll embed in your website. Copy this entire block of code to your clipboard.

Click on  Save Webchat Widget

Step 3: Save the Widget Settings

Before leaving this page, make sure to click on the Save Webchat Widget button. This will ensure any changes you made to the widget's settings are stored.

Click on Email Marketing

Step 4: Navigate to the Email Marketing section

On the main dashboard, click on Email Marketing. This option might be used if you want to include the chatbot widget in a marketing email.

Click on Landing Pages

Step 5: Access the Landing Pages section

In the Email Marketing menu, click on Landing Pages. This will take you to the page where you create and manage landing pages for your marketing campaigns.

Click on create

Step 6: Create a New Landing Page

Once on the Landing Pages section, click on Create to begin creating a new landing page.

Click on Settings

Step 7: Embed the Widget

In your new landing page, navigate to the Settings option. Look for a Text Area to paste your previously copied widget script.

Paste text area

Step 8: Confirm the Code Paste

After pasting the script into the text area, click on OK to confirm.

Click on OK

Step 9: Save Your Work

Once you have pasted the script, remember to click on Save to preserve your work.

Click on Save

Step 10: Confirm Saving

The system might double-check with you regarding saving the changes. If prompted, click on Save Anyway to confirm.

Click on Save Anyway

Step 11: Final Confirmation

A confirmation message might pop up to finalize the changes. If it does, click on OK.

Click on OK

Step 12: Manage Widget Visibility

Depending on your preferences, you can manage where the chatbot widget appears. Click on Visibility to set these parameters.

Click on visibility…

  • Step 13: Preview the Widget

    To preview your widget, navigate to and click on MMIO Demo Widget.

Click on MMIO Demo Widget…

Step 14: Highlight the Widget

To ensure that the widget is working correctly, click on Highlight. The widget should stand out on the page, confirming it's successfully embedded.

Click on highlight

Remember, the specific process may vary slightly depending your website, but these instructions should give you a good idea of the overall process.